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ABCs for Life

Handmade Journals and Books by Cheap Therapy.

Handmade ABCs for Life...

I know that neither parents nor artists are supposed to have favorites when it comes to their creations, but I admit it, I do... and this is it.  ABCs for Life offers a word, quote and several questions for you to ponder (or ignore until you're ready to ponder...) for each letter of the alphabet (yep, even Q, X and Z!)   I've included many of my own most profound lessons... some of which I even wanted to learn. 
This book is a fabulous gift for the student, teacher, parent, child, husband, wife, partner, friend.  It's perfect for anyone who enjoys using a unique journal format to take a closer look at Life. 
In addition to writing a special note in the back of each describing where I found the stick that binds it, I also number 9and sign each copy of ABC's for Life.    I just created #29,833.   I wonder who will be the lucky owner of #30,000? 

Click here to download a few pages from ABCs for Life!

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