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Handmade Wine Journals

Handmade Journals and Books by Cheap Therapy.

Handmade Wine Journal

One of my best selling cards is "Life is too short to drink cheap wine."  This handmade book from Cheap Therapy helps celebrate that thought.
This exquisite, handmade Wine Journal will help wine lovers record 25 of their most memorable wine experiences!
At  6"x 9",  this book is a convenient size for the kitchen counter or to take with you to your favorite restaurant or wine tasting.   The distinctive, handmade paper cover will make your journal stand apart from others. 
Score sheets prompt you to rate wines in terms of appearance, body, taste, etc and even provide space for those of you who want to save  favorite wine labels.
One of my favorite things about creating this book was finding the perfect 25 quotes about wine for each of the score sheets!  This book is the perfect gift for you or another one of your favorite wine lovers.

Click here to download two pages of my handmade Wine Journal.

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