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Hand Painted Greeting Cards

Handcrafted Greeting Card and Magnets from Cheap Therapy.

Hand painted greeting card assortment

As far as I'm concerned, not many things beat receiving a handwritten note from someone who's taken the time to connect with me.... unless maybe it's the joyful feeling when I find that *perfect* card for someone who matters to me.   Those are just two of the reasons I started making cards in the first place.   The main reason was because I just had to.  I bet you know what I mean.
I currently offer more than 500 different hand painted greeting card designs. Each card is created by me in my home studio while my wonderdogs and and I listen to our favorite music as I try to imagine who'll end up with each piece.  

Grab your favorite beverage beverage and choose from this list of messages...

Even with more than five hundred messages from which to choose, you still may not find the message you were hoping to find.  If that's the case, please know that I'm thrilled to create custom cards for you.   In fact, at least once a week I find myself creating custom cards for teachers, recovery groups, clergy, realtors, counselors, lawyers, etc... people like you... who want to have those perfect cards on hand.
E-mail me for more info.


Since a lot of my customers say they have a tough time choosing from the 500+ available hand painted greeting card designs, I'm happy to offer the following 12-pack Collections of my best selling cards:

  • General Collection
  • Humorous Collection
  • Life Lesson Collection
  • Spiritual Collection
  • Health & Recovery Collection
  • Nature Collection
  • Art Collection
  • Cat and Dog Lovers' Collection

Creative Artworks
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Wholesale Information

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